Kerry Becht graduated Physical Therapy school from the University of New England in Maine.  She has been a Licensed PT since 1994 and is the sole owner of Kerry Becht Physical Therapy and Massage which she launched in 2006.  That same year she added Licensed Massage Therapist to her credentials. Kerry began her specialized training in Pelvic Health in 2002 and uses her expertise to evaluate and treat pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary/bowel incontinence (in both men and women), pelvic pain, sexual disorders, neurological problems, and musculoskeletal issues due to pregnancy/post-partum, surgery, chronic disease, trauma, or simply pelvic floor tension or weakness.  Her continuing education studies are vast but has a particular interest in advanced course work in Upledger craniosacral therapy, John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release, dry needling, treatment for headaches and TMJ, and pelvic therapy have been her focus. Kerry treats a wide range of other acute, chronic, post-surgical and musculoskeletal issues.